Would like thank you for all your help in sorting the jumble in my head out. I can see clearly now and have my inspiration back. Thank you so much.
— CL

I found all the sessions very relaxing which is something I find hard to do. It was very helpful and Barbara was very interested and caring giving me lots of ‘positives’ to work on. She made me feel that ‘there was a light at the end of the tunnel’!
— HC

I highly recommend BEC Hypnotherapy. Prior to my first session I had never really considered accessing hypnotherapy as an option, but I’m glad I did. Barbara was incredibly welcoming, spent time explaining the process and putting me at ease, and the therapy room is very comfortable and relaxing. As for the hypnotherapy itself, although a little strange at first you soon drift off into the most relaxing peaceful state I have ever experienced, and even after the first session I was able to notice the results. It’s hard to explain and understand, but hypnotherapy really has made a positive difference at both work and home.
— JB

I found my hypnotherapy very helpful. I don’t feel afraid any more. Thank you Barbara, very much.
— KH

I was encouraged to look at all the positive things about me and focus on these - leaving the negative things and low self-esteem in the background. I emerged from a “black blob” to a colourful, positive person - tackling the weight issue and life in general positively.
— PC

I felt more relaxed after my first hypnotherapy sessions than I did after 3 months of acupuncture treatment. I would definitely do it again!
— AH

I am still a non-smoker, 5 weeks at 8.50am Saturday morning! Not that I am counting ha ha!
— AW

Barbara built up a friendly rapport which helped gain my trust and confidence. I felt she took my sessions on independently which really helped me to relax and I know I can contact her in the future if need be.
— LR
Barbara shared empathy for the problems discussed prior to hypnotherapy
and gave clear, realistic expectations of the possible outcomes. After
the first session, I found myself focusing more on why and how much I
smoked which lead me successfully being able to stop.

— FW
I feel that all my sessions (3) provided a subtle but quick fix to my
addiction to smoking and have been smoke free ever since.
— AS